Ransomware : Read this immediately


Ransomware?Is your PC infected with this Trojan?Read to find out why you should care about ransomware and how to prevent it or remove it from your PC

What it is

Ransomware is a trojan, a piece of software code that runs on your computer that either encrypts your files or locks you out of your PC demanding a ransom amount to decrypt files or unlock your computer.Most countries are affected by ransomware including  US,Russia,Italy,Korea and more .Below are some screenshots to help you identify it


How it happens

It usually happens when you visit a malicious website by clicking links disguised in the form of security solution for your PC or some other form or when you click on phishing emails you receive from unknown sources, the trojan then executes the software thereby infecting your computer.

What happens when your PC infected

When your PC is infected with ransomware you may get some links for a particular ransom amount to be paid to the hackers encrypting all your files or locking you our of your system.

What can be Done to Prevent it

Always Update your PC to the latest software as it may contain patches for your windows PC.Also install antivirus solution from reputed third party vendors such as trend micro, f secure or kaspersky.By default windows security essentials and Windows defender need to be enabled on your PC.

What if your PC is infected

You can do the following steps in case its too late in some cases.


Try starting the task manager ctrl+alt+delete if only your browser is locked.

Step 2

Select Applications and Processes and select your browser and click End Task

Alternatively you can also try

Method 1

Try installing Microsoft Safety Scanner from a non infected PC and restart your Computer in Safe Mode. Once you boot in Safe mode run the Microsoft safety scanner from USB drive or CD you just plugged in your PC

Method 2

Use Windows Defender Offline in case you’re running windows 10 or windows 8.1,Windows security Essentials in case you’re running Windows 7 or so.Using a third party Antivirus solution like Kaspersky,F-secure can also help you recover your files or unlock your PC.

For more details feel free to check this one out on Microsoft’s Website.