Samsung galaxy S8 : All about that beautiful screen

Samsung galaxy S8
S8 and S8+

Samsung was trailing behind Apple after the Note 7 fiasco.It then came up with Galaxy S8 with that gorgeous infinity display that wraps around the phone.It gave Apple users major screen envy.Although Apple is rumoured to make screen on iPhone X or iPhone edition ,company’s 10th anniversary iPhone,S8 is is sheer elegance.




S8 has 570 ppi and S8+ has 529 ppi with 5.8″ and 6.2″ absolute screen.We’re talking about screen without bezels.Boy it’s gorgeous.Samsung has done something really groundbreaking to make its flagship device stand out from the crowd.

It also has fingerprint sensor and Iris scanner as well.It is Water resistant.And yeah the specs sheet goes on with wireless charging, always-on screen, android nougat,4 GB RAM and most notably Samsung Dex ,a feature that turns your phone into computer simply by plugging into the dock.