Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12: Apple is automating Siri with this clever trick


Siri is still one of the dumbest assistants when compared to Alexa or Google Assistant. But that’s set to change with Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12. Here’s how it works.

What is Shortcuts app anyway?

Well, Shortcuts app is Siri integrated into the Workflow app that Apple bought last year. It’s like Automator app for mac but it works with Siri.

Instead of opening up Siri technology to 3rd party apps and services, Apple found a clever workaround. Using the Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 which will be available this fall, iOS users can automate their workflow.

This app isn’t what Amazon is doing with Alexa. Amazon made Alexa open source so it can be integrated into any product. Unlike Alexa, shortcuts app allows developers to add parts or actions of their app to Siri interface.

They both work differently but get the work done. You can add set of actions, both first party and third party app actions[devs need to update their apps] as a series of steps that can be performed with a phrase.

As Apple demonstrated on WWDC stage, you can assign “where’s my key” and Siri can locate your Tiles and ping them. Or you can use travel apps like Kayak to get your schedule information just by saying a phrase.

The Shortcuts app will available in iOS 12 and feature an easy drag and drop interface. While we wanted Apple to open up Siri, this app should allow more developer adoption.

Apple may even allow third-party music streaming apps like Spotify to take advantage of this feature. In theory, you can play Spotify music from Siri. Hope Apple would be ok with allowing Music streaming apps to use this.

In addition to this feature, Apple also added the ability to make group facetime video calls in iOS 12. We will be highlighting all the major features and the interesting tidbits as we uncover them. So stay tuned.

How to create Shortcuts

Steps to follow:

  1. Open the shortcuts app and tap create.
  2. You can choose from the gallery or create your own.
  3. tap + and add any action you want or Use Siri suggestions.
  4. Record a phrase for this shortcut and you’re all set!

Easy-peasy right? You can either wait for iOS 12 public release or get the public beta.




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