Snap Inc Acquires Robotics Drone Company Ctrl Me

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Snap Inc acquires robotics drone LA based company Ctrl Me (pronounced as Control me)according a report from Buzzfeed.This has been rumoured for weeks and the company operates in Snap’s neighbourhood office in LA.Snap’s Inc acquisition came at a time when Ctrl Me failed to monetise properly and began to fade away.Snap has paid under $1 Million to acquihire the company including its founder Simon Saito Nielsen who’s been a drone enthusiast for quite some time along with some members of his team.

Snap has expressed severe interest hardware apart from the software the company is already damn good at.Snap has recently issued IPO and the stock took a hit after Facebook went on a copying spree of the signature snapchat features such as geofilters,lenses,stories and so on.Snap has launched Spectacles which looked like a cool experiment but didn’t sell well due to production issues and distribution issues as well.

Spectacles were a mere sign to show investors that snap is more than just a software company.Now the company’s latest pitch in Ctrl Me shows it just wants to distinguish itself from other companies such as Facebook and Google who are absolutely killing it in the ad space.

Talking about the company Ctrl Me it positions itself as aerial cinematography company that provides drone video footage to filmmakers and professionals.It provides custom solutions to teach drones on flight pattern and other capabilities.As Snap Inc positions itself as a camera company provided the company already has strong user base equipping drones with its custom made camera would further Snap as a hardware company.How this works out we have to wait and see.

Here’s a youtube video showcasing what Ctrl Me was working on prior to Snap’s acquisition.