Microsoft Surface Studio review : The creatives’ machine

Surface Studio
Surface Studio

The Exclusive and In-Depth Surface Studio Review.


Design of this device is seriously impressive with a 28″ Pixelsense Display with a resolution of 4500 x 3000 (192 PPI)as Microsoft calls it, is a touch screen ,with a foldable hinge that connects the screen to its base that houses the CPU of the machine.Design is clean,elegant and the goal is to make your content shine.

The Aspect Ratio of the screen is 3:2 which means content is more of a square than rectangle no matter how you work on it and also provides more screen surface area for you to work with that wide and tall high res screen.

By adjusting the hinge which is zero gravity hinge screen stays firm while you can write ,scribble or work on it.The screen also has 3 display modes you can choose from namely sRGB, DCI-P3 and Vivid Colour for extra crisp movies or games.You can prefer sRGB when you want most accurate colours on the screen while you work on your drawing or illustration.

The 10-point Multitouch Screen supports Surface pen that has pressure sensitive tip for all your artistic needs along with eraser that can’t be customisable by the developers in their apps.Also this is the first device to support on-screen      Surface dial, an accessory that compliments your creative workspace by providing contextual menus and options based on the app you use.

Overall the screen is heavy weighing at 21 lbs max and is supposed to sit right on your desk or workspace table.You also get Surface mouse and Surface Keyboard out of the box.

surface studio review
surface studio review


Comes preloaded with features such as windows 10 pro which has features such as Continuum,Cortana,Windows Hello sing-in ,Xbox gaming and more.

Prices and Configuration

The base model starts from 6th GEN Intel® Core™ i5 1TB Hybrid drive which also  includes only 64GB SSD  with 8 GB RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 965M 2GB graphics starts at $2999 and  Intel® Core™ i7 1TB Hybrid drive with 128GB SSD 16GB RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 965M 2GB graphics comes at $3499 and the highest end model with Intel® Core™ i7 2TB Hybrid drive with 256GB SSD 32GB RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M 4GB graphics comes at $4199.

Ports And Connections

It has 4 USB 3.0 ports,SDXC card reader,Mini Displayport,3.5 mm headphone jack,1 Gigabit Ethernet Port.

Performance, Usability and Review

Specs apart you need to know how well the system works well, the compatibility ,developer support and performance.

As Microsoft states Surface Studio is basically meant for artists and creative professionals.First thing you should know is that its not competing with iMac.Microsoft clearly knows the people it wants to target.The star of the show here is Surface Pen which is made of aluminium and can attach to screen magnetically.

Top button of the pen can be clicked to activate various features depending on the software you’re using.Normally clicking the top button brings up action center that can be used to grab a screenshot or take sticky note that can be moved anywhere on the screen.

Practically speaking the tip of the pen has some bugs while drawing an illustration on the screen, the pressure sensitive strokes are almost accurate all the time but also some tail lines form if you draw quickly which isn’t acceptable at the professional level.

The screen plays really well with the extra high resolution supporting the pen and also palm rejection helps the Surface Studio feel more natural.

The fans in the base are of Surface Studio are actually louder than they should be and the 20 degrees resting position is where the Surface Studio tries to excel.

It supports professional grade software like SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Autodesk that can also take advantage of the Surface dial and the pen.

The Surface studio can also handle most of your gaming demands with most of the games running at 4.5K resolution and utmost fluidity.However,rememebr this computer is not meant for hardcore gaming although it can handle most of it.

Geekbench Scores show 4400 on single core and upto 14k on multi core and graphics score being around 86K which is relatively less powerful than 5K Retina iMac.

surface studio review
surface studio review

Camera,Audio and Video

Two cameras one with Windows Hello face recognition and another 1080P HD camera.It also has Dual microphones,Stereo 2.1 speakers with Dolby  Premium Audio and yep,3.5mm headset jack.


Additionally there’s a TPM Chip that provides enterprise level encryption and protection.


If you’re an artist or a creative professional who loves to use the digitiser to capture your ideas and express them on a big beautiful screen and doesn’t care about  ultra high end specs for the premium price you pay, you may go for it.However this device isn’t perfect and there are various quirks like tail strokes,relatively low powered GPU and CPU compared to iMac and other all-in-ones.If you wanna use it for expressing and capturing your ideas with big square high res screen then GO FOR IT,If you’re a Gamer or want to edit professional grade videos and 4K Stuff you’re looking in the wrong place.