Sweden lists all of its public spaces on Airbnb

Sweden on airbnb
Sweden on airbnb

Sweden is one of the most liberal countries in the world.In order to promote tourism Visit Sweden along with Airbnb the country has listed all of its official public places and beaches on Airbnb according to a report from Business Insider.

In Sweden they have something called “allemansrätten” meaning the freedom to roam which is protected by law and allows anybody to eat,sleep,stay anywhere in the country.The main reason behind this promotion is to drive tourism by promoting travellers can just bring out their tents and stay anywhere freely in the country.

 “Roughly 100 million acres of land and all that’s mine.Welcome to the relaxation area.This is my terrace.Custom designed with panoramic floor to ceiling views.I can eat ,sleep or walk out anywhere”

What are you waiting for?Don’t think its flattery enough ?Rush to the site and check out more on your travel plans.Pro tip: get your backpacks ready. Here’s the video to inspire you and bring out the wanderlust in you.