Tim cook reportedly warned Uber CEO over hidden user tracking and threatened to remove the App


Uber has been a long time Apple partner that was one of the very few companies to work with Apple on various versions of iOS and SDK.Uber is one of the first companies to showcase Sirikit that Apple announced with iOS 10 that helps Siri summon an Uber for you with just your voice.

However Uber has been under fire recently after reports of sexual harassment and toxic work culture broke out in the press.Many senior executives including Senior VP who joined the company just before 6 months left the job.Uber has suspended it self driving car test pilot program after its self driving car crashed.Google also sued uber alleging that uber found out secret way to steal its self driving car technology.

Uber CEO had a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook back in 2015.The reason ?Well uber was secretly tagging and tracking iPhone users even if they deleted the App.Uber set a geofence to mischievously hide this from Apple engineers.However Apple found Uber guilty and Tim cook threatened Uber CEO that Apple would remove the App from the App Store it doesn’t abide by the guidelines and App Store Privacy Policy.

This clearly shows how committed Apple is in safeguarding users’ Privacy.If you wish to know more about read this article from New York Times.