Here are the top 10 samsung galaxy s9 features we’re most excited about !

samsung galaxy s9

samung galaxy s9 is an overall incremental update over galaxy s8.That doesn’t mean it lacks cool features.

Here are the features in s9 we’re most excited about.

10Ultra Slow Motion Video

Slow-mo is nothing new to smartphone cameras.The best slow-mo prior to s9 was iPhone X’s 240 fps at 1080p.

That changes with s9 which records upto 960fps.This just looks amazing, however software will decide which shots are to be slowed down.

Super slow-mo clips are allowed upto 6 seconds of recording.So you can make GIFs out of em.

9Dual Aperture Lens

If you set your camera mode to auto, s9 will use software to determine which aperture it needs to use.Galaxy s9 has a f 2.4 aperture that can take great shots in normal light.It also  f 1.5 wider aperture that allows for great low-light shots.

This is a first for any smartphone and easily one of our favourite features.

8Dual Lens Camera

s9 plus has dual cameras one with 12 MP lens that acts as wide aperture lens and another 8MP Telephoto lens.

The telephoto lens allows you to use live focus and 2x zoom while shooting pictures.It also helps in achieving that background blur you can brag about.

7Adjustable bokeh effect

One thing I always love about Samsung’s galaxy line is the amount of customisation it offers.

Phones such as iPhone X don’t let you adjust the blur in portrait mode.

s9 allows you to customise background blur and results look promising.

6Stereo Speakers

Most of us use bluetooth speakers or another headphones to enjoy our music collection.Samsung galaxy s9 now has stereo speakers that provide better and louder sound.

5Faster LTE

Samsung galaxy s9 supports gigabit LTE with speeds upto 1.2 GBPS wherever supported by carrier.Noticeably this is a feature missing in iPhone X.

4Fastest Processor

samsung galaxy s9 features the fastest smartphone processor on the planet as of now.Now this doesn’t mean it completes blows competition out of proportion.

However s9 and s9 plus feature snapdragon 845 series processors that enable Gigabit LTE,smooth AR/VR experiences.You can read more about Snapdragon 845 series processor here.

However A11 bionic processor found on iPhone X and 8/8 plus seemed to outperform snapdragon 845 found in s9.It is however a mere benchmark score and we all know galaxy s9 is still one of a kind.

3Intelligent Scan

Intelligent scan combines Iris scan and Face unlock to provide better security.As it relies on both features to work and given s9 doesn’t have specific hardware like 3D sensing tech, it relies on software.

It is kinda slow and laggy at times which is a bummer.It can get better with software updates though.


Samsung really played it safe this time with galaxy s9.Yeah you read this right.

Around 720$ for s9 and 840$ for the plus model samsung has priced these devices extremely well.Note that Apple’s iPhone X starts at 999$.

1Headphone jack

You may think I’m crazy to list this one as one of the top features.But believe me it can save you several bucks just to get some fancy bluetooth noise cancelling headphones.

If you don’t know how it feels ask some of the iPhone X users or google pixel 2 users how hard it is to manage without headphone jack.

Lets take a minute to recognise how samsung still managed to make our lives dongle-free.






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