Top Smartwatches you can buy today


Smartwatches are trying to go mainstream just like smartphones however, most of em still remain as experiments.In this article I’ll discuss the top Smartwatches you can peacefully spend your money on.

1Apple watch series 2

Apple Watch

Apple watch is the best smartwatch in the market today with features like Force touch to bring contextual shortcuts, taptic engine custom designed to provide taps on your wrists for various events and notifications,digital crown which doubles down as home button and input method as well, robust ecosystem of apps,Siri,Best in class heart rate monitoring,Gps,bluetooth,inductive charging,fitness tracking with the health app.It has got plenty of customisation options like Apple made woven nylon bands, stainless steel bands to third party bands.

It also acts as your 2nd screen by making and taking phone calls, texts, notifications.It is water resistant,dust resistant,swim proof and you can even track your swimming stats.However the only cons of this best looking smartwatch is its price which starts at 369$ for aluminium casing with sports band and goes all the way upto 1249$ for Apple watch edition with ceramic casing .However this works with iPhone 5s or higher.

2Apple watch series 1

What’s better than the best smartwatch in the world? Well,its predecessor.Apple watch series 1 is basically same old original Apple watch with upgraded internals such as W1P chip inside and the features built into Apple watch such as Siri,Taptic engine,Splashproofing,Presuure sensitive Touch screen .However considering its 269$ price tag this one is the best cheaper smartwatch.

3Samsung Gear s3

Wait did I just say Samsung?hell yeah.Samsung still somehow tries to top my list considering there’s no worthy android wear competitor in both design and functionality.It is one of the classic looking timepieces with nice premium feel.It runs on Tizen OS which is ok considering smartwatches aren’t primary computing devices.

It has LTE Connection and Samsung partnered with Spotify so you can stream music on the go using LTE connection, Samsung’s fitness coach features that can be monitored in the health App,Gps included for outdoor hikes,Samsung enabled to make contactless payments,Bluetooth,heart rate tracking, step count included as well.

Samsung is also giving away 1 year free access to Premium fitness apps such as MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal.It starts at 369$ and you can even choose it buy from monthly scheme.

4LG watch Sport

One of the best looking smartwatches in the market, it comes loaded with android wear 2.0 and has 1.38″ circular P-OLED display, has support for android pay,LTE connection,IP 68 rated ,heart rate monitor ,has Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip designed specifically for android wear and more.This one goes head to head with Samsung gear S3 and is priced competitively at 249$.

5Samsung gear S2

Samsung takes another spot in our list with a classic looking design,classic leather straps to match the smartwatch, various watch faces to choose from like the ones from Keith Haring.It has bluetooth, can sync music on the go, syncs with S-health app as well,Samsung partnered with various companies such as volkswagen,Ali Pay,Uber,Yelp to bring some of the great and fundamental apps to its device.It runs on tizen which is a big turn off as apps it can run are very limited.NFC,Wifi are connectivity options on this watch.IP68 rated, has 4 GB storage,512 MB RAM and comes with a 299$ price tag.

6Moto 360(2nd Gen)

One of the first and foremost android wear smartwatches to showcase Android Wear in most minimal style rounded boy, Moto 360  comes in beautiful Rose gold,Silver with matching bands to choose from, it runs Android wear 2.0,Has Moto body fitness guide, has 1.56″ or 1.37″coring gorilla glass 3,has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad core CPU,Adrenos 305 GPU,Bluetooth connectivity provided,4 GB storage,512 MB RAM however no NFC is a big for a smartwatch as good looking as this,prcied at around 249$ is sure worth a shot.

7Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony completely missed the opportunity to be different in Android Wear space throwing a squarish looking bulky timepiece into the market.IP 68 rated,420 mAh battery,Comes with all connections such as Bluetooth,Wifi,NFC and Micro USB as well.It has 4 GB onboard storage,512 MB RAM and has  Quad ARM A7 Processor,GPS,Compass and Gyro.It has 1.6″ screen which bright and It is the last Android Wear watch I can recommend to anyone.

8ZTE quartz

This one is a budget friendly watch that comes under bang for the buck category.It has 1.8″ screen,Has 4 GB ROM and 768 MB RAM.It comes with Snapdragon Wear W100 chip and has Bluetooth,Wifi and GPS connectivity and it comes with a price tag of 200$.

9Pebble 2 with HR

So can we think of Pebble as a smartwatch?? Kinda yeah defying everything else pebble which started as Kickstarter now launched pebble 2 that meant to be worn as digital watch rather than digital companion.It is swim-proof,measures heart rate,has calorie tracking ,gets notifications,tracks sleep activity, can control music and has huge ecosystem of apps and all this with upto 7 days of battery life which is completely unmatched in the industry.It comes at 129$ so its no brainer for me to add this here except for the fact that its not Android Wear watch,but yeah its a smartwatch.It is recently acquired by Fitbit.

10Pebble Steel

Pebble steel one the better looking smartwatches on the market that comes in classic stainless steel look.It runs pebble’s Apps and yeah works both on Android and iOS.It can be your first smartwatch.