Here are the top 10 watchOS 5 features that’ll supercharge your Apple watch this fall.

10Compete with your friends

With watch OS 5 you can challenge your friends on a 1-1 duel fitness challenge. Your Apple Watch will even show you your friend’s progress once they accept your challenge.

The best part about it is that you can earn rewards while competing with your friends. And you also get a notification in case you’re lagging in the competition. So we think fitness is going to be fun with watchOS 5.

9Automatic workout detection

Apple Watch will actually detect your workouts and will even remind you to start or end a workout. So this means you can virtually start and end workouts without even opening the workouts app.

8Notification Center and Control Center

WatchOS 5 now supports grouped notifications found in iOS 12. Notification Center can be accessed from within the apps as well. Also, you can rearrange toggles in the Control Center.

7Podcats App

Finally! Thank you, Apple for adding this amazing feature. Now your daily motivation is on your wrist. And thanks to Apple watch LTE models you don’t need your iPhone too.

6Third Party Complications in Siri Face

Siri is finally catching up to Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri watch face can now show third-party complications.

5Preview Web Links

Previously in WatchOS 4, you couldn’t preview links and media-rich attachments. Now you can preview certain links from your Apple Watch itself.

4New Walkie Talkie App

As the name suggests the app lets you send voice messages just like a walkie-talkie. Now it can only be sent between Apple watches. But it looks like some serious fun.

3Pace Alerts and Miles Metrics

Apple can set you custom pace alerts and let know about your milestones. These features would make Apple Watch an amazing choice for runners and athletes.

2Student ID card

Apple Watch can store your student ID cards that can be used in dorm rooms, libraries and more.

1Yoga and Hiking Workout

Yoga has incredibly popular across the world and Apple Watch can detect most of your yoga workouts. Along with that hiking workout lets you track your elevation and calories burnt in the process.

Know more about all the features coming to watchOS 5 here.



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